Solidarity through Engineering

written by our collaborators at the Maker Lab

by Jan Bawol ’23

Welcome to this week’s Maker Monday, where we’re showcasing some of the exciting activities that the Maker Lab held at our Justice Summit. This year, the Summit focused on the theme of “Walking With The Excluded,” and we were thrilled to combine engineering with social justice to create some amazing projects. 

During Community Time, we held a painting station for our laser-cut cardboard cutouts to demonstrate our school’s solidarity. Using stencils, students customized each figure before hanging them up in the Carney Amphitheater, resulting in a colorful and unique display of cutouts standing together and holding hands. 

In addition, students participated in our “Wheel of Design” breakout session, where they brainstormed potential solutions for global injustices, as part of the “Walking With The Excluded” theme. The creativity and innovation of these young minds were truly inspiring. 

We also held a button-making station during Community Time, where students showed their support for the event by assembling custom Summit-themed buttons. The buttons were a great way to express their solidarity and commitment to social justice. 

Overall, this year’s Justice Summit was a huge success, and we’re grateful to have combined engineering and social justice in such a meaningful way. We can’t wait to see what our students come up with next! 

Check out @bcpmakerlab in Instagram for more pictures! 

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