A Reflection on the Bishop’s Mass

by Jeffrey Mu ’24

Masses are an essential part of the Bellarmine experience. Hosted every other month by Campus Ministry, this event serves to bring students and faculty together in a celebration of faith and song – a distraction from the busyness of a typical school day.

The mass hosted this Wednesday, 3/29, was a special one. Featuring Bishop Oscar Cantú of the San Jose Diocese, it reflected on the meaning of spirituality and identity for the student body, and as part of a collective community. And especially at a time when inclusion and diversity are critical issues pressing schools throughout the nations, the mass and the preceding Justice Summit Reflection are welcome additions to the schedule.

© Jeffrey Mu

To prepare for the mass, Campus Ministry and Administration teamed up as usual, along with the Bellarmine choir. Facing the screen, chairs in rows were set up, making an aisle sneaking down towards the outside of the gym. But to prepare for the special arrival of the Bishop, the lights were dimmed low to a purple glow, illuminating the pulpit where Cantú and the ministers would sit.

I spoke to Mr. Briceno, who spoke at the Justice Summit Reflection about his experiences as an immigrant, and who also attended the mass, as well as Tom Vosganian ’24, another attendee. “The lighting was a highlight of the mass,” he commented. “Although the two events seemed separate, I felt that both events were somehow connected in the message, and I really enjoyed it.” Tom echoed the sentiments of Mr. Briceno, stating that this mass felt a bit more “special,” and a bit harder to simply tune out. “I typically sit in the back and zone out during masses,” he said, “but the unique environment this time really helped to add some extra flair.” For both faculty and students alike, the specialness of the mass, as well as the privilege to host our very own Bishop Cantú made the event like no other.

Jeffrey Mu is the Editor-in-Chief of the Bell Online. Check out his articles on this website documenting student life and the Bellarmine experience.